About us        

We are Estonian company with a long-term experience in the field of householdlinens.

Our history reaches back to the year 1959 when a factory to service the Theatre Union was founded. Back then company did engineering design work andmanufactured various metal-, timber frames, stage curtains and other textile products. In 1992 this became the basis for the public limited company AS Teaspon which is fully financed by Estonian capital.

 We produce high quality home textiles from natural fabrics: linen and cotton.

Our main export article over many years has been roman blinds. Our product range also includes curtains, bed linen, table linen, kitchen textiles, nightwear, roller blinds and  professional outfit for catering and service companies.

Our strengths:

Business customers   

 We are able to provide full range of services starting from development of new models and sample making to packaging according to the customer requirements.

 Time of delivery  5-6 weeks  in case of first-time orders; 1-4 weeks in case of repeated orders.

 If necessary, we provide our customers with full logistical support, taking care of the shipment  from our factory to our client´s door.

 Good to know             

 Would you like to order products made of fabric with your own design? In case of large batches (starting from 1000m of fabric) we can order the cotton and linen fromthe mill. For additional information please contact our sales department ong@teaspon.ee

 Would you like to see your company logo or other embroidery on the products you have ordered? We have the capability and are more than happy to do that for you.

 Would you like to see your products in packaging designed by you? Let us know and we will make sure products get presented as you wish to see them.

 We belong to several associations: